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Cath is a passionate manager who thrives on helping people. A confident communicator with a hands-on approach. She is aware of the enormous responsibility involved in managing one of the clients’ most important assets.

Well equipped, with a keen eye for detail, her honest, professional and proactive approach allows her to successfully build and maintain solid and candid relationships with both landlords and tenants alike, allowing her to ensure that her client’s assets are managed and maintained at the highest of standards, in order to reach their maximum potential.

Cath is a team player with an approachable personality and exceptional follow-up and commitment.

“Over the last 5 years I have managed investment properties and holiday rentals, and pride myself on the many longstanding relationships I have developed with my clients. It is not simply “good luck” but good management that will ensure you receive the most from your investment from selecting the right tenant to cost-effective maintenance. You can rest assured your property will receive our expert attention. We provide a highly specialised Property Management service, not just an appendage to our Residential Sales service. You will receive personalised service from an experienced manager who knows your property and understands your needs”.


My wife and I invest in residential real estate as we see it as a secure long term investment with some tax benefits.  While there are many advantages to investing in rental accommodation, there are also some risks.  These risks can be mitigated by the engagement of a professional, competent and industrious rental manager.  While it can be difficult to find a rental manager who has these qualities we were blessed to find Cath Norris via the recommendation of a friend.  
Cath has managed all our properties for several years.  Whilst we have had several opportunities to change management we have chosen not to because we have been so consistently pleased with the service, dedication and professionalism provided by Cath.  
A successful rental property is dependant on several factors.  The most significant secret to success is finding an excellent tenant who is a good match for the property.  Finding vetting and selecting good tenants who will want to look after the property and stay long term leads to minimal changeover of occupants and associated costs.
Cath makes every effort to find and select the most suitable tenants for each property.  The tenants she has selected for us over the years have been outstanding.  All tenants have maintained the properties well and stayed long term.  Just as we have a loyalty to Cath because her level of service, we have found that tenants also rent through Cath over many years because she tends to go out of her way to meet their needs.
If tenants are happy and have their concerns addressed quickly they are more likely to be long term tenants.  Cath is quick to communicate tenant’s wishes to us via email, text or phone.  If we are unable to resolve the problem quickly, Cath has always been able to engage a trades person to attend the property.  I have found the trades Cath engages to charge reasonable fees and respond quickly. Cath’s communication skills are excellent with both ourselves and the tenants constantly informed as to each other’s needs.  We feel we know what is going on at the properties without having to field phone calls from tenants.  Cath seems to make that extra effort to resolves issues and seems to know when it is best to involve us straight away.
Property inspections are organised and overseen by Cath and always seem to be thorough and timely.  Cath seems to find the balance between over inspecting a good tenant and keeping informed on the condition of each property.  Tenants seem to be happy with Cath’s availability without being annoyed by her presence in what is essentially their home.
Record keeping of rental income and expenditure is essential for any rental property.  Cath keeps us well informed by emailed statements as to the financial status of all properties.  Tenants seem to be organised in such a way as to ensure the rent is paid on time and funds are deposited into the correct account at the agreed time.  I cannot recall even one instance where the rent was late.  Minor accounting questions I have had, have been addressed quickly.  Cath informs us when rental agreements are due to expire and gives us options as to future rental increases and rental agreement timeframes.  
Cath is the person in our area who is best positioned and most experienced to know the rental market.  As a consequence on several occasions we have asked Cath to do rental appraisals on properties prior to purchase.  This allowed us to make decisions with an accurate awareness of possible rental yields.  We have sort advice from Cath as to the best locations and property improvements so as to increase rental yield. We have always valued her sound advice.  Cath has an extensive understanding of the legislative requirements regarding rental properties and is able to guide us towards compliance when necessary.
My wife and I have been impressed with Cath’s care, capabilities and competence over the last few years and can recommend her to anyone who wishes engage her to manage rental properties.
Andrew and Kate Fuller


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